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Faith Builders Project (FBP)

The Faith Builders Project (FBP) is a strong advocate for human rights – believing that it is every person’s basic right to have freedom, shelter, food to eat, and medical assistance as needed. Homelessness is a key social issue in many cities, especially Winston-Salem and surrounding areas. 

The Faith Builders Project’s very first community outreach event was orchestrated to feed the homeless. This event has evolved to become a staple of The FBP and  are now referred to as “Care Package for the Homeless” events. These events gather a large group of staff and volunteers at a central location for an exciting hour.

During the event, volunteers assist with assembling care packages with the items provided by our organization which include food, water, clothing, personal care items, first aid items, and helpful information on shelters and food banks for some of the people living on the streets. The care packages can then be distributed by volunteers or our staff.


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