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Prestige Impact’s mission is to provide youth, adults, and families in underserved communities throughout Winston-Salem, North Carolina with outreach services that cultivate a society of personal and professional fulfillment. Through innovative, culturally competent, comprehensive services, Prestige Impact equips communities for success in a forever-changing and growing environment.


Prestige Impact is committed to meeting the needs of every community member and envisions being an agent of change by fostering excellence in the areas of education, health, social well-being, finance, and self-sufficiency in every community where it is essential.

Our story

   Formed in 2017, Prestige Impact is a North Carolina-based 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation that develops and delivers personalized and innovative solutions to the community-identified need to address the impact of trauma, poverty, and violence on children and youth in targeted Winston-Salem districts. Prestige Impact will develop a state-of-the-art community center that provides resources, vocational/job training, youth sports and activities, enrichment activities, business and entrepreneurship education, and other resources and support aimed at uplifting those in need.


  Prestige Impact believes that, as an organization, it can forge a meaningful partnership between community residents, faith-based organizations, city and county agencies, nonprofit organizations, schools, and other stakeholders to bring about meaningful and impactful change throughout Winston-Salem.


  Prestige Impact’s major service is providing at-risk and underserved youth, adults, families, and communities in need with resources and support. Prestige Impact’s mission-focused programs, supported by research and current data, include engaging, results-oriented, fun, interactive, and age-appropriate activities tailored to personal development and long-term self-sufficiency.  


  Founded upon self-sufficiency and community development principles, the organization’s education and customized impact-specific programs are rooted in love and delivered with dignity, respect, integrity, and excellence, and delivered by a diverse mix of people who possess the experience and passion required to work with adults with challenging backgrounds and tremendous potential  Prestige Impact believes everyone has a gift, and while sometimes gifts are not self-fulfilling, they can fulfill the needs of others in the community.

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